Ro-Vibrational Collisional Excitation
Database and Utilities

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BASECOL is part of the "Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre" (VAMDC). From the VAMDC portal, you can retrieve the data in XSAMS output, download the data files and read them with the SPECTCOL tool. This tool allows you to combine BASECOL data and spectroscopic data.
This database, called BASECOL is devoted to collisional ro-vibrational excitation of molecules by colliders such as atom, ion, molecule or electron. It is supervised by an international working group of molecular physicists and astrophysicists involved in the calculations and use of ro-vibrational cross-sections, in order to ensure the continuity and the quality of the database.
Citation Policies
When you use data from BASECOL, please acknowledge in your papers :

The rate coefficients are in cm3 s-1, the temperature is in Kelvin and the energy levels are in cm-1.